How to Make a Mind Body Connection


Have you ever had that moment where you sat in meditation, close your eyes and try to picture in your mind and body as one? For me it was during an astral journey when I opened my eyes and noticed my mind and body as a single entity. I really got an insight into the reality that I have been seeing in meditations and more recently, in yoga.

There is a way we can manifest our awareness and thoughts.

This is something I practice daily, when I am sitting with my astral self or when I am a witness to my dreams.

We all have our own way of connecting with our body and the entire cosmos. My meditations to connect my mind and body as one has happened quite often over the years. Sometimes I come up with a visualization that draws me into the space between my legs and sometimes I will go up to my chest and actually feel my breath.

It is not unusual for people to have different pathways that they use to connect to the body. I have been meditating since I was a child and always connected to my body through my legs. When I started to connect to my heart, then my jaw and then my hands, I noticed that I had the same connection to my body as my legs did.

So the question is how do we move from body awareness to mind and back again?

A simple way is to just pick up the hand holding your head in the exact same position as you would when you are floating above your head.

A few years ago my friends took me on an astral journey to see if I could recognize all the different types of energies of the astral realm. I started to visualize that my hand was my heart and it was getting blocked in a place where it could not move. In this visualized state I felt very much like a child again, just hanging on for dear life.

I continued to visualize and felt a connection to my heart and realized that my visualization was spot on. The block was right in front of my chest and every time I tried to make it move, it would just drag me back into my body.

In astral travel to see if I could visualize my thoughts, I could feel them. The connection to my thoughts continued to move up and down my spine and both my eyes and my hands and jaw felt connected to it in the same way as the legs did.

David, an IT support specialist, who has practiced mediation for 10 years and says that has helped him remain grounded and focused throughout his hectic work day.

In the end, I could actually see my brain waves and even follow my “brainwaves” in my physical body. I have been told that brain waves have a “continuous consciousness” and can still follow them even when you are outside of your body. This was interesting to me, but it is only one of many meditation techniques I have been able to use to connect my body and mind as one.

When I am meditating, I do find myself in a “body” or floating state. I have a feeling of emptiness or emptiness and when I feel it, I know that I am in meditation.

  • When I visualize my mind and body as one, it feels very real.
  • If you are looking for a way to make a connection to your body or mind as one, it is really very simple.
  • Just imagine you are floating above your head or above your chest, your legs and your hands and then connect to your body through the same connection and then see if your mind and body can make that connection.
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